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"There's nothing like the real thing!"

FOOD - The toothbrush, toothpaste and floss for our carnivorous pets.

Visit the Raw Meaty Bones web site to purchase Dr. Tom Lonsdale's books 'Raw Meaty Bones' and 'Work Wonders' in e-book or hardcopy format.

Diet Guide from rawmeatybones.com

Thousands of years of domestication has not changed the nutritional needs nor the digestive system of our pets.

Carnivorous pets are best fed according to the food they would eat in the wild. For dogs, cats and ferrets this means a variety of whole mammals and birds, as well as fish, and even amphibians and insects. Periodontal disease is uncommon in wild animals, as their diet requires ripping and tearing, which cleans their teeth with every meal.

1. Processed pet foods (canned and biscuits) contain inappropriate chemical constituents (ingredients), an inappropriate physical form (texture), and do not clean teeth.

2. Whole carcasses and raw meaty bones contain appropriate chemical constituents (ingredients), an appropriate physical form (texture), and do clean teeth.

3. Failure to clean teeth on a daily basis leads to plaque accumulation, then gingivitis (gum disease) and finally periodontal disease (mouth rot). Periodontal disease can contribute to multiple ailments including organ failure.

4. Periodontal disease is the most common disease in our pets - it is estimated that 85% of dogs and cats over the age of three years are suffering from periodontal disease to a degree that would benefit from treatment.

What should I feed?

While feeding a variety of whole prey/carcasses is ideal, it is not always possible (or desirable for owners), so a practical alternative - and a very close second - is a variety of RAW MEATY BONES as the large majority of the diet and occasional organs / table scraps.

As much variety as you can - the more protein sources the better! Think chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit, turkey, goat, venison, buffalo, pork, kangaroo, emu, camel, fish, quail, mice, and rats!

Include the bone whenever possible, and keep pieces whole & large.

For ideas on which items to feed (especially for dogs), see www.RawFedDogs.net/Recipes.php

Adjust the type of animal and size of each item to suit your pet. Try to think of what they would be eating in the wild: mice are great for cats, but probably a bit small for dogs. Meaty beef ribs are great for dogs, but probably a bit too large for ferrets!

The larger the item, the more ripping, tearing and separating (ie. teeth cleaning action) required, hence the more beneficial.

Happy feeding!